Liratzakis - Your Special Footware Components

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Cutting-edge technology

We have the technology necessary for timely deliveries.

Mechanical Equipment

...for very fast delivery

Large Quantities

Unique manufacturing quality

Modern technology

always at the customer's service. Price savings and accurate cuts!

High technology the service of quality

Cutting accuracy

...with laser cutting technology

Raw materials

in small or large quantities

Specialized Equipment

technologically unique


your Special footwear components

Modern production line

Daily deliveries worldwide

High-performance infrastructure

for small or large output

End of production line

The beginning of good collaboration

Quality Raw Materials

Means guaranteed results

Quality products

in small or large quantities

Small or large sizes

but always at the best prices!

Machine consumables

glue, solvents, machine fluids...

We intervene on quality

we optimize the end result

Organized material

...because organization means fast deliveries

Small or large sizes

many special or plain designs Sample NOW!


Corporate Profile

We have a single objective. To serve you better each time.  

Through the company and three generations we are engaged consistently in the shoemaking sector. Our purpose is detailed and constant research in the field of shoemaking and shoemaking supplies.

For you who are interested in shoemaking supplies and seeking quality materials from professionals as well as unique prices for small or large output, we have a solution.   With an integrated production cycle and primary (raw) and secondary materials (final products) we are in the position to provide effective solutions.

Our rich experience will help you take your first steps if you are a new enterprise or optimize manufacturing of your final products.

We have raw materials such as sheets for counters, toe puffs, soles, glues, shanks and materials for your machines such as solvents and machine fluids.   Our main products are counters, toe puffs and soles while we also trade equipment such as cutting blades and machine spare parts.   By responding faithfully and punctually to your orders each time we aim to be pioneers with cutting-edge technologies.  

The selection is the result of efforts of many years and top negotiation practices for better quality and better prices.

With cutting-edge services such as the sample form, you can send your own material so we can design your next custom product and you can save precious time and money. There is no commitment to place an order and shipment charges are gratis!

Why waste the time of your precious personnel with time consuming tasks when we can implement them at a lower cost and in a shorter time?

Best regards,
Emmanuel G. Liratzakis
Managing Director


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India's Inter. Footwear Materials

India's Inter. Footwear Materials

The International Footwear Materials, Manufacturing Components & Technology Exhibition ended on 14 May 2011 in New Delhi.

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New Laser Cutter for counters

New Laser Cutter for counters

The new laser cutter for hundreds of counters per hour, allows us to maximize production and optimize the production process.

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New Web Site

New Web Site

With innovations on manufacturing of advanced shoemaking products and the trade of raw materials, we welcome you with consistency to our new website.

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By reliability we do not just mean quality manufacturing. We do not just mean style of the end result. We mean you will receive the best possible quality.


Speed in delivery does not mean lower quality. Advanced mechanical equipment and fast "hands" make promises for fast delivery a reality!


Consistency means you receive quality materials from specialized technical personnel. Consistency means correct timing. Correct price. Ideal results.


What does correct prices mean? Ideal quality at the best possible price. It does not mean dangerously low prices resulting in doubtful quality that will expose you in the market.
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Quality management system EN ISO 9001:2000 | TÜV Certified

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